Now we know about logs - and we know that not all firewood logs are equal!

When the tree is felled, the wood will contain 50-60% moisture. A tonne load of wood at 50% moisture will deliver half of the heat of a tonne load of logs at 25% moisture content. So if you buy poorly seasoned logs by the tonne you will not only be paying for the water, you will then have to try to burn it! To get the most heat for your money it is really important that you only use seasoned logs with a maximum moisture content of 25%.

Our air dried Logs are seasoned to less than 25% moisture content and our kiln dried logs to less than 20% moisture content. We sell them by volume, not by weight so you will know the size of the load you are receiving.

Latest Equipment

Having invested heavily in the latest equipment, to make processing the firewood as efficient as possible, Adrian is able to keep the quality high and the prices amongst the lowest in the area. Compare AW Logs prices and you will not be disappointed! To see some of this equipment in action, click here.